Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Established 1 Day Free Surgical Eye Camp

Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital Established 1xday Free Surgical Eye Camp and General Medical Camp activity at RHQ Hospital Chilas on 27th November 2023 in Collaboration with HQ FCNA Gilgit. School screening is also done in Govt Boys High School Chilas in coordination with Mr. Bahadur Ali Khan Senior Education Advisor & Lead Projects Rupani Foundation Pakistan. The Camp was Sponsored by Rupani Foundation Pakistan

The camp was visited by Col Irfan Ghazi Sector Commander Diamar Basha Dam , Mr. M. Iqbal MS RHQ Hospital Chilas, Dr. Javaid Ur Rehman Provincial Coordinator for Prevention and Control of blindness GB, DHO Chilas, DC Chilas, and Lt. Col (R)Tariq Usman General Manager ACCO Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital RWP

2. The eye camp was aimed at providing free Eye Care Services to poor populace in remote areas of chilas.

3. Following eye care services were provided to patients during eye camp:-

1. Visual Acuity Test
2. Objective Refractive error measurement through Auto-refractometer
3. Preliminary Examination
4. Refraction
5. Final Examination by Eye Specialist
6. Counselling
7. Provision of free Medicines
8. Provision of vision correction spectacles
9. Free Phaco emulsification foldable surgeries
10. Free HCV Test
11. Free HBsAg Test
12. Free Blood Sugar Test
13. Free School Screening

Those patients with complicated issues were referred to the base hospital for further management.

4. Patients Screened during the camp at RHQ Hospital Chilas:-

a. Female – 281
Male – 456
Children – 111
Total OPD : 848

b. Medicines Given to patients : 570
c. Glasses Dispense : 254
d. Cataract Surgery done: 53
e. Sunglasses issued : 53
f. Patients Referred to Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital RWP for further investigation and treatment : 42
g. Total Lab Screening: 61
h. General Medical OPD: 246

ACCO School Screening Report
a. Children Screened : 690
b. Medicines: 167
c. Reffred Cases : 42

5. These measures have been highly helpful in the early diagnosis of curable eye diseases in children, who can then be treated accordingly and prevent them from becoming handicapped later in life.

6. Local populace / Elders of the area greatly appreciated the efforts of Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital in arranging Free Surgical eye camps of renowned Eye Hospital in a remote area of Chilas (Gilgit Baltistan).

7. The provision of eye services in such far flung areas has served as a great social endeavour and will serve as a goodwill tool among the local population.

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