Shishpur Glacier Hasanabad is Highly Vulnerable and near to outburst:

By:Hamid Hussain MS Scholar Disaster Management KIU
Unfortunately in our country safety measures are taken only after an accident. We do not try to prevent accidents before they happen. No serious efforts are being made to prevent the disaster. Timely reporting devices have been installed. This is not the solution. So that the cause can be understood after the lake outburst. There is no point in inquiring from an external expert to find out the facts of a breakup. There will be no benefit. The damage will not be remedied. First of all, it is necessary to know the reasons and try to formulate a strategy. There is a concept of local people in Gilgit Baltistan Male and female Glaciers. White glaciers are female while black glaciers are portrayed as male. Glaciers are also artificially nurtured by a mixture of male and female glaciers and Agha Development Network is regularly crafting glaciers in Gilgit-Baltistan. There is a saying that every 50 years or every 100 years, male and female glaciers merge. After this mutual mating, glaciers either grow or break, resulting in crevices within the glaciers. Big inside Beards are formed, so the formation and rupture of crayfish on large glaciers continues year after year. Gyari Baltistan accidents are also possible as a result of this process. Glaciers have been ruptured in the past. Remains of glaciers can still be seen everywhere in Gilgit-Baltistan in the form of sand and rock deposits. Altitude is more than 17000 feet, but altitude of 13000 feet is also considered more or less safe for glaciers. They are more efficient if the base of the glacier is strong and safe, including the anti-heat of the glacier. The beginning of a short-lived glacier due to a cover (Origin) Start at an altitude of at least 22/20 thousand and there are many other mountain ranges with or without the same height in or around it. Snow melts very little from this 18 thousand feet while snow above 19 thousand feet. They do not melt and the snow that falls every year becomes ice with the passage of time and this ice continues to grow, ie it moves downwards. More fresh snow, especially in the summer after March, slides downward. Glaciers continue to increase in size. The speed of melting of glaciers and the rate of melting are at least equal to each other. The speed of melting is not high. Opposite side of the sun, ie where the sun’s rays do not fall. Glaciers may be possible at altitudes of just under 13,000. The glaciers below the lake are less than 13000 feet high and the melting speed is also high. There is no strong origin. Perhaps the Shashper Glacier has its own full height less than 17000/18000 feet and due to the low altitude the natural .There is no such thing as a strong grip. In case of an explosion due to weak grip, this glacier can break and the whole glacier can break due to the threat of this explosion. Guess how much destruction will happen if this happens. ۔ Everyone knows that water eats ice. You can see for yourself. Put the strongest pieces of ice in cold ice water, then the ice will melt in a few moments. There is a huge lake inside this glacier. In the past, in the glacier. Naturally occurring lake flooding and slide destruction. The water of the lake formed in Shishper Glacier is not only putting pressure on the glacier but also eating from inside. The fourth heat spell also removes the ice. The heat is increasing day by day. The strength and grip of this glacier is decrease day by day due to rapid melting of snow and glaciers. You are like a falling wall in front of the current accumulated water pressure inside the lake. It is like a falling wall that can fall at any moment due to water and heat pressure. The fourth and last soil is also the enemy of ice. The soil also quickly removes snow from the Shisper Glacier and the soil . The traces of sand can be clearly seen. From November 15 to the end of February, the strength of glacial glaciers increases. They continue to grow in these days, the chances of glaciers breaking is low because strong grip and cold temperature. After February, not only does it stop broadcasting, but it also begins to lose its power. There is a saying in (Balti ) Language that an inch of cold snow is stronger than 10 feet of warm ice because of rising temperatures and cold. There are two glaciers and one lack . There is a collision of glaciers. It is very important to know its structure and composition. This part of the glacier is a mixture of soil and ice or it consists of hard rocks and stationary mountain part. It can be easily guessed that if there is a mixture of soil and ice, not only it will break down quickly, but there is a possibility of huge destruction. If it consists of strong rocks and a hill, there will not be much destruction.
A huge lake is forming behind the Shish per Glacier. The water pressure on the glacier is constantly increasing. The second temperature is rising. Global warming is also taking place further down the lake behind the 2 km glacier. The soil is also lying on top. The water pressure is constantly increasing on this part of the glacier while the grip of the glacier is getting weaker day by day due to the increase in temperature. Water makes its own way to this glacier They are also
hollowing out from below and water is leaking from inside. The pressure of both water and heat from above is constantly increasing on the glacier at the same time. It can break at any time. Apparently heat pressure cannot be reduced. Water pressure can be reduced by emission. If glaciers are to be prevented from collapsing suddenly, the only solution is to empty the lake of water. This is to be done so that the constant pressure on the glacier can be reduced immediately
Instead of staying in the lake, the water continues to flow out and then the glacier can be melted under a controlled mechanism. So far no proper arrangement has been made for the discharge of water. The Earth is connected to the Rakapushi Glacier. Apparently, the Rakaposhi Glacier is white, so the material is visible. So if their roots are intertwined If one is outburst, the other will definitely be affected by the breakage of one.The same thing happened in Gyari sector Baltistan .there is another natural and manmade activities may be trigger this Glacier like Earthquackes,aftershocks and explosive testing. The explosion and air pressure due to the breakage of one will shake the Rakapushi Glacier. Some parts may break and the others may meet. Male and female glaciers are also meeting. God forbid, if this happens, there will be a great catastrophe. Neither mentally nor practically, are we ready for it. If it breaks together, it is possible that not only the second Atabad Hunza Lake will become its threat .The high pressure will wreak havoc on nearby populated areas and there will be no chance of recovery. Its threat will blow everything away. The same thing happened in Gyari. There are all the causes of the apparent breakage of the Shashpar Glacier. Yes, only Allah can save it from breaking, so along with prayers and alms, one or the other arrangement should be made immediately for the discharge of water. This is the only solution.

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