Title: Guide Lines for Tourism Industry GB

By Yaseen Azam
The famous corona virus has jammed the economical tyres of all countries of the planet. Developing countries are moving towards an abysmal condition as compare to developed countries. To decelerate the movement of tyres of economy towards a great depression, government of Pakistan proclaimed to open tourism industry with certain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Guidelines.
I am writing this article after a deep study of “WHO Operational Considerations for COVID-19 Management in the Accommodation Sector” and SOP issued my National Tourism Coordination Board Pakistan. This article is complete guide for tourist accommodation, restaurants, tour operating companies and tourist transport.
Security employees must wear masks and gloves. They must be aware of COVID-19. Temperature checking of every tourist and employe should be mandatory in the entrance of hotel. If anyone’s temperature running out of 98.6F should be politely requested to return or inform concern institutions about patient. Social distancing measures should be mandatory in hotel lobby by drawing circles as crowd gathers more over there. Brochures should available in every room regarding health and hygiene. Security guards should stand in entrance gate holding bottles of hand sanitisers. No one should allow to enter hotel without sanitising hands. If guest is not wearing a mask it is mandatory of hotel management to provide surgical mask to the guest. The luggage of guest must sanitise. There must be mechanism of hotel chain to maintain record of guest. If a guest is coming from corona hotspot must return. To avoid rush in offices, bookings and payments should be done online. There is poor service of internet in Gilgit Baltistan due to the hegemony of SCO (Special Communication Organisation) . SCO ensure fast in internet in Gilgit Baltistan. Concern institutions must issue 4G license to prominent networks like Telenor, Zong and Ufone. Keep swabs in reception to clean cell phones. Ensure staff is wearing masks and gloves all the time. Keep sensitisers in reception every time. Since virus can transmit through paper money. Ensure guest and staff members are sanitising hands after transaction of paper money. More than three persons shall not allow to use elevator at a time. Ensure buttons of elevators are sanitised regularly. Ensure bed linen to be change everyday. Reduce number of tables and chairs on restaurants to maintain social distancing. Keep pool and gym close. Operational kitchens must be sanitised regularly. Reduce the number of staff. Ensure kitchen staff to use approved sanitising agents for vegetables. Ensure regular temperature checkups for employees. Instead of using bleach for metallic surfaces like door handles and keys ensure the usage of 70% alcohol.
Tour operators will ensure that their guest must having precautionary measures and undertaking to follow SOPs issued by government of Pakistan. Tourist will be liable to quarantine in unwanted conditions. The tour guide will carry a performa containing passport, CNIC, travel history and guardians numbers. In the office of tour operators there must be paintings, pictures and boards showing guidance regarding corona virus. Drivers should limit conversation to minimal. Ensure driver and guests are wearing protection gears in vehicles. Limit the passenger to minimal. Temperature checks should be mandatory for both, the drivers and the passengers, in the beginning of journey. Ensure the car windows must be open while travelling Any traveler showing corona symptoms like coughing, increased temperature and breathing problem must consult nearest hospital. Hotel and security institutions must conduct awareness sessions regarding upgraded hygiene standards. Standard Operating Procedures issued by federal government must past in notice boards of hotels and offices. All travellers shall be scan before entering and exit in new district.

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