WDD GB and AKRSP collaborate to Combar GBV during 16 Days of Activism

Gilgit -(Mountain Pass) The Social Welfare & Women Development Department of Gilgit Baltistan, in partnership with the Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) and various stakeholders, has come together to address the pressing issue of gender-based violence during the 16 Days of Activism campaign.

Under the guidance of the Secretary of the Social Welfare & Women Development Department Mr. Fida Hussain, a meeting was held to discuss strategies and programs aimed at raising awareness and combatting gender-based violence in Gilgit Baltistan. The collaborative efforts of the Women Development Department and AKRSP highlight the commitment to creating a safe and inclusive society for all.

During the meeting, it was decided that a series of programs and activities would be conducted throughout the 16 Days of Activism campaign. These initiatives will involve engaging with various stakeholders, including community leaders, civil society organizations, and local residents. Through workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns, the aim is to educate and empower individuals to actively participate in ending gender-based violence.

The Social Welfare and Women Development Department and AKRSP recognize the importance of a multi-faceted approach in addressing this issue. By working together, they aim to foster a culture of respect, equality, and non-violence within the community. The collaboration will also focus on providing support services and resources to survivors of gender-based violence, ensuring their well-being and access to justice.

“We are committed to creating a society where every individual feels safe and respected,” said the Secretary of the Social Welfare & Women Development Department. “Through our collaboration with AKRSP and other stakeholders, we aim to raise awareness, challenge harmful norms, and empower individuals to take a stand against gender-based violence.”

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is a global campaign that runs from November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to December 10th, Human Rights Day. International Day of Disabled Person will also be celebrated on December 03, as part of Awareness Campaign
It serves as a platform to advocate for the prevention and elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls.

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