What is wrong with our Educational system?

By: Hafiza Ali
Before discussing the loopholes of our educational system, let’s understand what a complete education system is consist of. Education system consists a whole setup which is been created by any Government in order to ensure the quality education for both boys and girls. These includes the number of Government Educational institutions, to ensure quality education in those institutions, management of courses that have been taught, to equalise a balanced and complete syllabuses within the whole country. when we talk about Pakistan’s educational system, it seem to be the foundation education, poor management and wrong choices of people to run the education system in government institutions,which resulted in the increase of private sector educational institutions, poor quality of education in government institutions, unequalized syllabus which compel and forced the society to prefer private sector rather than Government.

We know the current situation in our entire country about the loopholes in education system but a particular eye opening brief about Gilgit Baltistans’s educational system. Gilgit Baltistan historically doesn’t fall under the constitutional bounding as it’s a disputed territory. Gilgit Baltistan’s educational system has always been in limelight during different eras. Education in GB Is always been considered as the backbone of development.

According to Article 25 of constitution of Pakistan it is the responsibility of state to ensure education all over the country, but due to ignorance of government we have lack of quality education previlege. Due to ignorance of government, private sector raised which resulted in mashroom growth of private sector and people still prefer private sector for quality education but questions on people’s affordability is also raised.

According to a journalist and social activist Raja Adil Ghayas in district Ghizer about 10 to 12 thousand kids are left out of school due to financial issues and poverty till 2017. Above statistical figure is much panic for a small district. Ignorance of government is responsible for such circumstances, where it is the damn responsibility of government to ensure quality education at government institutions, provide employment opportunities so that poverty can be much reduce, must provide free education to extremely poor kids.

The cultural differences financial restraints and backwardness is aslo responsible for such panic situation. Due to agricultural land people prefer their kids to work with them in lands rather than let them to go to school.this is not only the problem of Ghizer, it is also happening all over pakistan. This is not due to the cultural misbalances it’s also a huge negligence of the government too for not making sure to provide ways and means of educating the left outs and poor. Too much unemployment also compel people to prefer agriculture rather than education.

In order to improve our educational system it is important to equalise people all over the country social, cultural and financially. Cast and class differences should be stopped and declared prohibited so that every one can learn at government educational institutions without any cause of class, creed, race and color. There should be complete check and balance over private sector which seem more like a busseness in the name of quailty education. Government should create more employment opportunities so that people prefer education rather than agriculture in doing so their agriculture can also be improve. Most important thing is syallbus” government should equalise the syllabus all over the whole country.

This can only be possible in those areas where state’s constitution is applicable, but what about gilgit baltistan which doesn’t fall under Pakistan’s constitution? who will be responsible for 10 to 12 thousand left out kids’s and their future? infact above stated satistical figure is just about one of the district of gilgit baltistan, but what about entire gilgit Baltistan’s kids who every year left out of school beacause of financial restraint and poverty. I think above mentioned questions will rely on each and every readers shoulders to be answered.

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