Red Zone Astore

By Taaruf Abbas Advocate

District Astore has become red zone with 53 highest postive cases of coronavirus patients in GB.Fifteen patients are under treatment in Gilgit and thirty patients are under treatment in isolation centers’s of Astore.There are 18 quarantine centers where 340 people are quarantined .It includes male,female and kids.SOP of precautionary measre corona virus are violated keeping 5 to 7 persons in a room.It may create situation more worse for incrasing positive cases.People in these centers are considered themselves tortured mentally keeping away from their home and families.Some patients views that they have no symptoms of fever,cough,flue.Their health is good Government making them ptaients mentally and psychological .There is no psychological awareness ,counselling session and environment to feel relaxation and peace for these patients .
Where coronavirus impacted health of people. It also badly affected economy of middle and lower class public due to longest lockdown of market and businesses .This lock down affected small businesses like hotling,garments shops,shoes shops,transportation electric shops,electronics,
furniture factory and workshops.Many labours and workers become unemployed who earned their food from daily based from their businesses .
Their is no any big support of Government to addressed issues of these unemployed traders due to corona virus pandemic.A big portion of population living in boader areas Minimerg, Qamri, Zila Bala where no transport facility for almost six month in winter weather.These areas cut off from head quater Astore.
Some local NGOs started relief activities low level having lack of resources in medical field and providing ration.ASWAH a local welfare organization collect donations and provide district hospital Astore masks,gloves ,kets and other equipment.Some social activist and volunteers started collect donation to provide ventilator and ICU ward DHQ Astore and collected 3 million Rupees.Astore Supreme Council a joint organization of all political and social activist working for unity development and peace started work to provide ration for affectees of lock down and collecting donations from financial sound people .FSWO Fina Social Welfare organization a local village based organization working for education health and development started work to provide ration for needy and deserving people at village level.
Beside this Alkhidmat foundation and Anjuman Hussainia Nager region corona task force provided ration in different vallyes limited level.Astore is geographical scatered region in small vallys.Still their is need to ration for large portion of population who suffered.
With begining of year 2020 earthquake jolts with damages of houses and historical heavy snowfalling badly affected lives of people and corona virus lockdown more suffered and disturbed people’s life.
Federal Government and provincial Government must take emergency action and declared the region disastrous and provide all basics goods with relief for six months.National and international NGOs should come to relief activities to minimise suffering of remote and ignored areas Astore of GB .

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