Covid-19 Pandemic

By Sofia Qadir, KIU

It was December and few couples of weeks for the beginning of New Year 2020. There was huge excitement around the globe, people were preparing to welcome the new year and hoping for the new year to bring blessing but suddenly people in China started to wear masks and keeping distance from each other especially in city of Wuhan where a dieses got started spreading from person to person which scientists named as Novel Coronavirus.
A dieses whose inception was found in eating of Bats meat got that much publicity that now the entire world has agonize from it in every aspect and has cause an anguish increase in death rate of mankind.
Coronavirus disease is a disease which transmits from person to another by sneezing, coughing and keeping a direct contact with infected person.
At the beginning people take it easy because people were unaware of this newly introduced disease, they were unaware of its capacity of spreading speed, its outcomes and most importantly its harmness.
At the inception when doctors were spreading cognizance among people, no one literally no one was taking it serious and were behaving it as a normal flu and that was the reason after its outbreak still same public gatherings were holding, shopsand shopping malls were always seen full of people, in a nut shell social distance was zero among people which gives the virus more wings to fly and today the prize it has got is lockdown.
To stop the spread of covid19 government planed of lockdown for the betterment of its nation and the nation builders which greatly impact on country’s economy like shops having only vegetables, fruits, meat milk and other very important and mostly used in homes will be permitted to open but for a specific time period and business other than these will be remain close until the government issue any conformation letter for them to open their shops ,markets there was a fixed schedule for every paramount work to be done like all the factories and industries were closed from the month of march and that’s why no new production is going to be processes and don’t have anything new for exporting purpose and the boarders are also closed so no way is left for import materials as well and in Pakistan the poor factory workers and its employs are getting short of money which caused ravenous in their homes so to furnished the poor’s, rank and file government played a gracious role by vouchsafe them corona relief packages like ehsas kifalat programs ,and Kafalat mohim etc, but that’s not enough for a country like Pakistan because here we will find people of different professions and most of them are daily wages and many of our overseas Pakistanis have also got home due to such inaudible outbreak which has a direct aftermath on country’s revenue like due to lockdown people are unable to pay taxes and many overseas Pakistanis are agonizing there in foreign country’s due to corona outbreak there and are unable to send money to their homes, to their parents and are on the mercy of that government during such trauma situation and one more major factor which has also affected by this covid19 is Film industry which was playing a very vital and key role in the revenue of acountry .
After economical destruction Pakistan has experienced the most destructive impact of covid19 in educational field as well because from March about 30,000 schools have been closed and the learning process has got a perplexing situation and that’s why now both the students and teachers are struggling and when government saw such perplexing condition it was decided by the government and all educational institutions that online classes well be held for students and this decision was taken without thinking of the remote areas where students can’t avail opportunity like access of internet and if any it has a very poor internet connection system and if one student is doing well In online classes it doesn’t mean that everyone is doing the same and this is the worse time in educationalsystem in 21century in Pakistan where students and teachers are not satisfied from their studies.
Apart from that Pakistan was not the only country to suffer from such issues. The great economy holders i.e, USA, CHINA, RUSSIA etc and most of the known countries were in the list of downfall.
If we talk about our country so there were so many sites which were deadly suffered on which most of the country’s economy is depended? One of such site or industry is the tourism department.
If we take a look so we will get to know that Pakistan is in the top country in list of making earnings from tourism. But due to covid19 this sector is deeply affected , Most of the hotels all accrossed the country got closed or forced to shut down.
This directly impacted the employees and labours in those sectors who were fired and losted their jobs.
Government did lunch a scheme for helping them but this wasn’t enough for most of the people because their only income was that job. So for this unplanned closing and unplanned scheme of distributing money was mostly critised and many people are unhappy and not satisfied from role of Government.
Moreover Mosques, holy places and all prayers halls were closed for preventing from the deadly disease. Which caused distancing between people and prayers?
Government enforced closing so this was mostly un accepted by people and they tried to go for prayers by force which lead to several arrests and fines on public. This was a totally unhappy and unaccepted relation between government and its people which lead to weakened the trust bound between public and government.
The major issue or problem which the public suffered and still suffering is the sudden increase of prices of daily used materials and others in market.
No new products can be produced so the old ones became short and their demand was on peaks so as its price.
Things went from the control and a common man was not able to afford the common needy things because their prices were so high. Secondly the government didn’t showed up in time and when they did that time they didn’t gave relief to public and also accepted the price and passed a notification for imposing that price which made the government unpopular in public.
Public started protesting and came on roads against government so as the government was also facing the disease also faced the new problem because there were high risks of the fast spreading of disease and as it did.
Suddenly the cases increased from hundreds to thousands and then to millions.

At last not the least I want to say that health and life are first priorities to any mankind.
People should stay apart from each other to do their part.
People should follow the Sop (Standard Operating Procedures) as ordered by High officials and also they should maintain the law and order.
Also the government should think of their peoples interest first so that there will be unity among the whole nation to fight against in this pandemic together because this is the time to play our role and make safe the whole nation and serve the humanity.
Serving humanity is the best prayer ever!

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