E-commerce Skills Scholarships announce by Ecommerce Pro for Gilgit Baltistan Youth

Gilgit (PR) — 2,000 E-commerce Skills Scholarships announce by Ecommerce Pro for Gilgit Baltistan Youth. Which can be potential seed for a change for digital future for GB. It would potentially reduce the crime rates as the youth and population of GB would be empowered with E-commerce skills which can be sold locally and internationally to earn income online.
In the wake of educational and skills development of harsh terrain regions like Gilgit Baltistan (GB), a conference was held at Karakoram International University Gilgit Baltistan (Musharaf Hall) on 12-10-2022. The conference was attended by approximately 700 students, professionals, and teachers of GB. The conference was jointly organized by Ecommerce Pro, Volunteer Force Pakistan, Karakoram International University, and Karwan-e-Pakistan Trust. The theme of this conference was to enlighten the digital revolution in remote areas of Pakistan through the education and skills revolution. Digital industry experts across Pakistan attended the conference as speakers. List of the speakers is as follows:

Mr. Hamid Mehmood (Head Digital Ecommerce Pro | CEO and Founder of Software Pro)
Farrukh Dal (Head Legal Affairs Ecommece Pro | Former Assistant Attorney General for Pakistan)
Usman Raza Jolaha (Head Marketing & Strategies Ecommerce Pro | President Volunteer Force Pakistan)
Azam Khan (Secretary Information and Technologies Gilgit Baltistan)
Sajid Mir (Former Chairman of Chief Minister Youth Task Youth Force)
Faizullah Faraq (Former Spokesperson for the Government of Gilgit Baltistan)
Rana Muhammad Amin (CEO Gilgit Bazar)
Prof. Ajmal Hussain (Former Federal Member of Minerals)
Amjad Wali (Events Head GBRSP)

Agenda of Conference
The conference started with the name of Allah and after that national anthem was played which enhanced the enthusiasm of attendees. After that, worthy speakers started the interaction with participants by shedding light upon the importance of the digital revolution and the imperative role of learning emerging skills and education. Firstly, Mr. Hamid Mehmood has shared his thoughts on the nexus between education, skills, and ethics to live an extraordinary life. He explained the exponential benefits of education, skills, civic senses, and ethics by explaining the significant changes one can feel if he/she is adding these values to his/her practical life. He further emphasizes the importance of these values by saying;
“Combination of skills, education, civic sense, and ethics excel your professional career”
Furthermore, he explained the way out to earn foreign remittances, exports, and foreign exposure. He also explained the process of setting up multilateral businesses and becoming an international entrepreneur. He also discussed the highly paid e-commerce services demand in the international market. He quoted that around a million skills-oriented resources are earning millions of dollars. Right after that, Mr. Farrukh Dal started interacting with the participants of the conference. He foresighted the revolutionized library structure for Pakistan, more specifically for the literately fertile people of GB. He further added, “People of Gilgit Baltistan have the potential to revolutionize the reading habit.” He concluded that the people of GB could be role models for Pakistan in adopting book reading habits, technical education, and acquiring knowledge.
Mr. Usaman Raza Jolaha said, “The people of Gilgit Baltistan are smug and self-respected.” Youth of GB could bring about change in their community, they can transform their tomorrow by learning emerging skills. The time is not far now when GB would reach 100 percent of literacy, every person would have an equal opportunity for education and employment. Besides public sector jobs, GB would be self-sufficient in providing private sector jobs in Pakistan. Moreover, he enlightened the international market for e-commerce and people making millions by selling local products in the international market. He further said informally, ”Gora wants the cultural and locally manufactured goods for their daily use, we need to fill this gap with international intervention.” Secretary of IT GB (Azam Khan) shared the infrastructural development of GB with the attendees, he also revealed the initiative taken by the government for the transition of the digital business structure in GB. He further encouraged the young digital entrepreneurs by telling them about rebating policies for flexibility in buinsess conduct. Local officials (Mir Sajid Mir and Faizullah Faraq) discussed the hurdles people are facing regarding basic utilities like water, electricity, internet speed, and inadequate availability of technical education institutes. They added that policy maker should prioritize the solution to these problems. Rana Muhammad Amin (CEO Gilgit Bazar) guided participants regarding selling locally manufactured products in the international marketplace using online/digital platforms like Shopify, Woo-Commerce, Opencart, Big-Commerce, Magento, and many more. Prof. Ajmal Hussain shared the potential of mineral resources of Gilgit Baltistan, he said these assets can be a potential export in the international market. He further added that the youth of GB could use the digital platform to create a market for these resources. Amjad Wali discussed the role of education and digital learning for a better and prosperous GB. All the speakers and distinguished guests appreciated the efforts of the organizers of the conference and their team, mainly, Mr. Tanveer Alam and Mr. Mughees ul Hassan.
Concluding the conference, Ecommerce Pro launched 2000 course scholarships for the people of GB, this initiative has laid the foundation for the education and skills revolution in GB. People of Gilgit Baltistan were provided with free signups for Ecommerce Pro, where they can enroll in professional skills courses, start learning skills by setting up a time to learn according to their will, and get international-level certifications. The process of free signups started thereafter and the process is continued.

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