Karakoram National movement organized an all parties conference

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Karakoram National movement organized an all parties conference on 10th of july titled ‘ China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Right of Ownership on Natural Resources and Disputed GB’ .Many Nationalist, political ,Religious and Progressive leaders of different political parties attended the conference. Chairman Ehasn Adovcate Awami action Tehreek addressed the conference and said that GB is a disputed region according to UNCIP Resolution and all type of construction of mega projects are illegal and unconstitutional. There is no any economic benefit for people of GB while GB contribute more than  500 kilometer area Bothe Pakistan and china has no any provision of rights and share for the people of GB and so called chief minister and governor failed to represent public. This assembly members have no power except bestowed in front of their parties bosses from rawaiend.One side Government of Pakistan says GB is disputed region while other side establishment try to occupies the public land by force. Ex Chairman KNM Mumtaz Nagri said on conference that National Action Plan, Schedule four and anti terrorism courts are illegal and violation of basic human right these black laws imposed only on nationalist political activist and terrorist are free and working under government shulter.syed yasfuddin leader of awami action committee said that state is trying to occupies land of public and half of gilgit city occupied  and violate state subject rule and establishment is trying to convert local majority and indigenous people into minority .MQM leader Muhammad Ali shah said that state role in disputed GB is very cruel and injustice due to which feeling of deprivation increases among masses. Chairman KNM Muhammad Javed said that KNM struggle for the rights and national identity of 2 million people of GB and many activist has been killed by unknown elements and sent to bars still senior leader of KNM is in prison and one of the longest time of political prisoner comrade iftikhar Husain. We organized such type of conferences, programmes and workshops to built consensus among political leadership and joint struggle for national rights and freedom. JKLF president ziaulhaq, General secretary KNM Taaruf Abbas,Nizamuddin JI,Akhter Hussain also speak on conference at the end of conference passed a resolution unanimously consensus of all parties leaders which are given below.

  1. Before construction of CPEC established a local independent constitutional assembly in GB which have right of power all decision
  2. Transfer right of control on diamer basha daim to GB
  3. Restore state subject rule
  4. With draw all non local forces and beuracrocy
  5. Right of ownership on all natrual resources
  6. Free all political victims specially KNM leader iftikhar hussain and baba jan
  7. compensate to affectees of ata abad and KKH
  8. Open historical routes

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