Success Story from Rupal FMR Astore, Gilgit-Baltistan

Astore (Irshad Malik) A jeep driver on 23rd of January 2022 reached Rupal Valley carrying Death Body from Astore to Rupal Valley . It is to inform you all that the Rupal Valley had no access of Raod before 2021 and the dwellers of the concerned Valley had to face sever difficulties for all of their Transport Oriented Activities. ETI Department while last year has constructed Tarashing to Rupal FMR with Total length of 6.7 KM and cost of 13.6 Million to connect the land of almost 450 Acres from Tarashing with purpose of Agriculture Value Chain. The Said FMR has also a Wooden Truss Bridge of 60 feet span and cost of 2.1 Million which had been completed recently.
The said scheme is now already functional giving smooth access to people from Tarashing to Rupal with completion status of 80% (some pending civil works which will be completed next year)
RE Astore, Mr. Shahid Ali congratulate whole ETI officials, Community and especially the concerned Staff of said scheme and Astore Administration Shounter to bring such a great changes in lives of poor people and communities. Last but not least a special thanks to AC-Shounter WaliuAllah Falaahi was sought by ETI concerns for his full cooperation and support to resolve issues and Mobilize community. It will not be wrong if it is said that without your support and cooperation this scheme remains incomplete.

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