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What was the spread of the Corona epidemic that the whole world system became chaotic, the countries of Asia and Europe sometimes close and sometimes open. The saying has been heard: “Melon catches the color of a melon” Looking at the west and the east, markets have been closed for the last two years, sometimes educational institutions and sometimes places of worship. In fact, our representatives here are like lazy students who are often looking back and forth in the examination halls and pretending to look at the teacher as if everything had happened to them. Research is being done all over the world to fight against this new myth and some time ago a vaccine has been developed and Pakistan has also developed a vaccine with the help of China.
I went on to say that last year, when Corona was on the rise, as usual, her colleagues banned everything from work to educational institutions, and we were confined to our homes, and we took advantage of the time to read Odd Viruses. And considering the sign of Corona, I was surprised to read that all its symptoms are typhoid and flu, that is, the same.

Shortness of breath, cough, fever chills, sore throat, muscles or body aches, headache, congratulations, vomiting and diarrhea

I didn’t think why not object to this NEW-FICTION. Still, i have complaints.
1- If coronary disease is a new disease then what are it has no symptoms? If the symptoms are like typhoid and flu then why call it a new disease then why not call it flu!
2- Isn’t it strange that for the last two years it has killed a few people in one country and moved to another country and then moved to another country if it is transmissible and the only solution to stop it is to strengthen the immune system. So why doesn’t it affect all the vulnerable people in the country where it resides and the majority of the population in Africa suffers from Nal nutrition and their immune system is affected then why is the virus less there? If it is spread by cold, then why not call it seasonal flu which was discovered a century ago.
3. In 2003, 31.4 million influenza patients were admitted to hospitals in the United States, spending 10 .1 trillion on medical care alone and 4.2 trillion on treatment. The question now is how many influenza cases have been reported in the last two years in USA?
4. The mumps virus is rapidly transmitted from one body to another through the respiratory system. The United States began work on a ski vaccine in 1967 and considered the vaccine to be the only way to get rid of it.
According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, it can only be controlled by vaccination.

“Vaccination is the best way to prevent mumps and mumps complications.”

The following guidelines are given in this report:

“When a person is ill with mumps, they should avoid contact with others from the diagnosis until 5 days often on get of parotitis by staying home from work or school and staying in a separate room if possible”.

Despite all these guidelines, the world has not been shut down in fifty years, and most of these viruses have been controlled by vaccines and antibodies.
The flu was discovered in 1918 and has so far infected 500 million people. The virus is simply the flu. CORONA IS JUST NEW MYTH. If I am wrong then test 100 flu patients and 90% will be positive.
Suppose it is a seasonal flu that starts from China in the first week of September because in China the cold starts from September and in January and February it spreads to Pakistan and India because it gets colder in these months then After March, it moves to western countries and African countries are exceptional because there is no cold in Africa so there are less flu patients. Especially in January, they definitely get flu. They used to drink decoction immediately after the first cold and sleep for three or four hours in warm blankets which helped them to recover in half a day but now they also get tested for cold immediately. And the report is positive because of the cold and flu and then we join the patients of Corona.

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