EvK2CNR conducted a Workshop on “Officinal Plant Survey and Inventory in District Astore

GILGIT: (Mountain Pass) The Inception Workshop of the project “Officinal Plant Survey and Inventory in District Astore district” held today in Gilgit. The project is implemented by EvK2CNR, executed by UNDP and funded by AICs. Scientists, researchers, policymakers, students and community representatives gathered to explore vast potential of medicinal plants in healthcare, livelihood improvement, its pharmaceutical uses leading to the sustainable harvesting of Medicinal Plants for economic development. The workshop was organized in an effort to highlight the objectives of the project, and thus to harmonize the efforts of different stakeholders in achieving the project goals.
It was an opportunity to share the insights on sustainable cultivation practices, and underscored the importance of preserving biodiversity and medicinal plants as a rich natural asset of GB and Astore region. Participants engaged in stimulating discussions, exchanged knowledge, and outlined strategies to develop a comprehensive inventory of medicinal plants, a marketing strategy and capacity building of farmers for its cultivation.
During the workshop, experts from KIU, EPA-GB and consultants delivered insightful presentations on a wide range of topics, including
1. Astore valley diversity in Medicinal Plants and hotspots
2. Value of medicinal plants and potentials for farming and its marketing
3. Environmental viability of farming of MP and importance of its conservation
4. Role of KIU as an academic institution in the development of inventory
Mr. Azimullah Additional Secretary Forest, Wildlife and Environment GB was the chief guest on this occasion. Speaking on the occasion the AS termed the project highly significant particularly in the context of Astore region that is considered the highly rich hotspot of the medicinal plants in GB. He appreciated the involvement of multiple stakeholders in the project that he believed would lead to achieve the objectives of the project in an effective manner. He lauded the AICS, UNDP and EvK2CNR for this highly significant initiative. He assured to extend the support from the department of forest, wildlife and environment. Earlier Mr. Arif Hussain, Regional Manager EvK2CNR GB underlined the objectives of the project and the methodology designed to adopt for the execution of the project.

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