EvK2CNR Provided Equipmentto DNP

GILGIT: (Mountain Pass) EvK2CNR provided equipment to the staff of DNP as part of empowering them leading to increased efficiency during the services they render for the conservation and management of the national park. The equipment included binoculars, cameras, dresses for high altitude including jackets shoes etc, smart mobile phones.

The equipment was handed over to the conservator Parks andWildlife Gilgit Baltistan Mr. Mahmood Ghazanavi and Mr. Muhammad Akram WildlifeManagement Officer Deosai National Park. Besides, Conservator Forest Gilgit Mr.Khadim Hussain and other officials were also present on the occasion.

Mr. Mahmood Ghazanavi Speaking on the occasion appreciated the role of EvK2CNR in the conservation of national parks in GB for last couple of decades.  He also applauded the support of UNDP in Central Karakoram and Deosai National Parks.  

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