Taking Him Home

By: Hassan Ali Haider ,Mehnaz Fatima Foundation
It’s2040, there have been so many aliensspotting that it has become a hobby. In my hometown of Gilgit, it was a nightmare.There were a lot of floods and incidents related to this alien conspiracy.I was ready for school, suddenly I heard a horn, and I froze for a second, as I thought that the aliens had invaded my town. Then I thought and I said in my mind, “That’s a familiar sound”, then I remembered that it was my van and our van driver had arrived. We usually call our van driver “Mustachio”.He doesn’t wait for us, of course, if we get late. We picked up my two friends on the way to school, Zuhair and Shariq. We eventually got to our school, we rushed to our classes and as we thought, we were the first people to arrive in the class. As we walked out of our class, we heard a horrific sound that was so horrific that our ears almost ripped off. It was similar to a loud blast. Wedid notpay attention to it and went on with our business. As we talked and walked around the school many times, the school bell rang.We rushed to our classroom, the first and second classes went by, and then came the science class. We learned about gravity and black holes that day. We got the task to observe the sky and write down our findings, and on top of that, you could also observe the sky more thoroughly. Of course, it was Friday, and we did have a pile of homework to do, so as soon as I got home I did all my homework except for my science project, because I save the best for last. I went to Shariq and Zuhair and I saw that they also hadn’t done their project, so as a nice person and friend, I decided that we should do our work together. First, we decided that our project should be different from all the other projects.So, we decided that we should send a balloon to the sky to view it more thoroughly and attach it to a camera. We didn’t know what to use and we looked up what we needed on the internet and ‘BINGO’ we hit the jackpot! We got helium and some string. We already had a camera, and it was the most powerful camera made by NESLA and it was named the High Reacher. We said BISMILLAH and started to fill helium in the balloon. When it was filled up, we sent it away and it sped away to the sky. I connected my tablet to my camera, and I saw live footage of the sky it was beautiful until the balloon started to shake violently. It rotates a little and we saw that it was stuck to a spacecraft, and we heard the horrific Blast and we found out that it was the spacecraft we saw in the camera. The spacecraft plummeted towards the ground, and we rushed to the scene as the camera also told us the coordinates of the places where the camera could see. We reached the spacecraft, and no one was inside it. We were shocked if there was no one inside who could have flown the spacecraft. We split up and searched for anything we could find. Suddenly we heard a loud scream, it was Zuhair, and hewas a shy and sensitive boy who mostly cried at small things. We rushed to see what happened to Zuhair and we were shocked when we saw that an alien was right in front of us. The alien was panicking, so we circled around him and asked him what happened, but the only words coming out of his mouth were “HOME”. We were confused about what he was trying to say. So, he wrote something on a piece of paper and rushed off. We read the piece of paper and it said, “You ruined my spacecraft, now you will face the consequences”.We were scared and got goosebumps. That night we called our Mustachio to have a look at this UFO or spacecraft. He said he could fix it, so being the dumb human beings, we are we tried to drive this spacecraft because it started to rain, and we thought that Mustachio was not going to come to fix the spacecraft.

Shariq rushed to the driver’s seat, and I sat on the passenger’s seat. Unfortunately,there were only 2 seats and Zuhair could not sit, and he almost started to cry. We felt sorry and I gave him some space to sit with me. He was filled with joy that he would have a chance to sit in a spacecraft.

Shariq started the spacecraft and pushed the accelerator and we zoomed away, but unfortunately the spacecraft had no tires and it created so much friction that it caught fire and we had to evacuate.Unfortunately,Zuhair was too late and when the spaceship’s door closed his pants came in the way and he ripped off half of his pants. We tried not to laugh but we could not stop, and we laughed so hard that Zuhair started to cry, so Shariq gave him his coat and he stopped crying, and we went home and slept because we were tired out.

The next day we went to the spaceship, and we found out that it wasn’t at the crash site. We were shocked.The alien came in front of us, and it was so angry and red that we thought that it was going to pop. It was angry that we destroyed his spaceship. He said, “You see, you tried to mess with me you almost died”. We got so angry that the little alien started to cry. We felt bad and we couldn’t think that this little alien tried to do all of this to kill us purposely. So, we promised him that we will take him home, but what was his home? We then asked the alien; he told us that his was Jupiter. We told Mustachio to get his van ready and he said that he is always ready, and we took the little alien and went to a long straightaway

Where Mustachio’s van could reach its top speed which was 500KM/PH. We went to the road and calculated how long it was and our reader told us that it was exactly 12 km long. Mustachio pushed his accelerator pedal all the way down and, in some seconds, it reached 180KM/H and the little alien was sad that he was going but he didn’t say anything. In a total of 5 minutes the van reached top speed and the alien opened the window and for the last time the alien hugged me and jumped with his jetpack and turned on thrust and went to his home Jupiter.We closed the window and Mustachio stepped on the brakes so hard that the van’s wheel locked, and it almost tipped over, but luckily, we got home and still to this day I remember him.
Name: Hassan Ali Haider ,Mehnaz Fatima Foundation

Class: 7th

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