By: SyedArif Hussain (Silver Medalist)
As the menace ofCOVID-19 increases globally and making every day headlines on social,electronic and printed media. World health organization (WHO) has declaredglobal health emergency. Government has imposed complete home lockdown and hasgiven directives to public to practice social distancing and hand sanitization.People are in self quarantine and confined in homes. This results in publichysteria and subsequently will have detrimental and harmful psychological andbehavioral changes in addition to disturbance in nervous system, endocrinesystem, digestive system and immune system. Hence in this difficult time, onlysocial distancing and hand sanitization is not the solution at all for healthylife. We must change our overall life style and diet pattern to boost ourimmune system and make it strong to its optimum level to fight against COVID-19and defeat all other pathogens. In this way we can convert this challenge intoopportunity and stay safe better than ever. In our diet we must use someimportant fresh vegetables, fruits and other food items to fight againstCOVID-19. Some of the importantdiet patterns to boost immune system against COVID-19 are discussed below.Broccoli contains enormous prerequisitevitamins and mineral. The vitamins in broccoli includes vitamin A, C and E. Inaddition to these it has many antioxidants and fibber. It is considered that Vitamin C gives morepower to white blood cells and increases their number. White blood cells aremain army to kill pathogens like COVID-19. Broccli must be partially cooked toget its best possible benefits. Broccoli is one of the best vegetables we mayhave in our diet.Spinach is also one of thesignificant diets we may have in our daily food. It has abundant vitamin A, C,antioxidants and bata carotene. This makes our immune system strong andvibrant. It is considered very beneficial when it is used uncooked or partiallycooked similar to broccli because partial cooking increases its vitamin A, Cand rest of other nutrients more effective to our health. Spinich is also richin oxalic acid which is very important source of energy to us.Chicken soup is deemed veryessential for our overall health and to immune system in particular. Itprotects us from all kind of flues and maintains body temperature in itsoptimum level. Besides keeping our body temperature normal it also maintainsions and other solutes in the body. Resultantly it establishes homeostasis. Betterif chicken soup is added with some fresh leafy green vegetables. This food willmake it feel good with placebo effect diet. In addition to protein and otherbiological molecules it is high in vitamin B-6. Vitamin B-6 plays vital role inmany chemical reactions in our body. Vitamin B-6 is reckoned essential in theproduction of new red blood cells. Chicken soup is considered good fordigestive system and our all immune system.Milk, eggs and Fish are very importantfor proteins. Research has proofed that our antibodies are made up of proteins.Hence proteins play crucial role in our immune system. Proteins do not comeonly from animal source it can also be taken from plants such as variety ofbeans and lentils.Yogurt is very essential forimmune and digestive system. As it contains vitamin D so always take fortifiedyogurt. Research has proven that vitamin D make our immune system strong andactive and make it vibrant to fight against diseases. Green tea and less sugary juices are also essential toour immune system. Green tea contains flavonoids and other antioxidant. Theless sugary juices include carrot, apple, orange, lettuce, spinach and grapejuice. These juices contain vitamin C an antioxidant that promotes white bloodcell and antibody production. Ginger and garlic juice are also recommended asthese also have anti bacteria and antiviral properties.  Life style changes are very important toimprove our immune system against COVID-19 and other pathogens. Followingchanges will help boost our immune system.Belly laughs can really increase our immunesystem. So these days we must watch some humorous and funny movies to boostwhite blood cells instead of watching continuous emotional and heart wrenchingnews or live talk shows on TV channels about COVID-19 and it’s deadly threatsto us. This will create stress in us which result in insomnia(Sleeplessstate).This sleepless state is very dangerous because it not only suppressesour immune system rather it seriously affects our nervous system,endocrine  system, digestive system andevery process in our body. Research has proven that smile,laugh especially bellylaugh reduces the likelihood of illness. So enjoy smiles around with attractiveand pleasant chuckles and feel great. Smoking is very dangerous to our overallhealth especially to our lungs. People who are addicted to smoking and alcoholconsumption are at high risk of lung cancer, asthma, heart attack and livercirrhosis. Nicotine in cigarette and alcohol are considered immune depressants.These addictions must be discouraged and shunned. Smoking deteriorates ourimmune system.   Take the daily sun bath for five to ten minutes as per therecommendations of world health organization (WHO).This will help our body toproduce vitamin D which an important immune system booster.Always be positive to boost immunesystem. Thinkgood and good will come. Practice loving and caring behavior. Always remainoptimistic in every situation even in difficult times and imagine for goodoutcome in the end. This results in strong immune system with more productionof white blood cells to combat COVID-19.Exercise is deemed very pivotal for bothphysical and mental health. It protects us from osteoporosis, heart diseases,helps control body weight, ward off depression and boost our immune system.Regular exercise improves our mood. To reap maximum advantage we must domoderate exercise not the strenuous to remain agile and active for at least onehour on most of the days of the week. Strenuous exercise can have seriousconsequences to our heart, lungs and brains. There are different kinds ofexercise such as cycling, playing any sports, yoga, and swimming. Walking isthe simplest way of exercise. This helps our white blood cells to work at theiroptimum level against all form of germs in our body. MAYALLAH PROTECT ENTIRE HUMANITY FROM THE MENACE OF      COVID-19(AMEEN)  

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