COVID-19 in Homeland

“Where there is pain, the cue will come” (Rumi)
December 2019, when the whole world was planning to celebrate New Year’s bliss, China was fighting with an unknown lethal virus COVID-19. This virus took its birth in Wuhan city and effected thousands of people there. It didn’t only effected only people of China but it stretched its roots around the world destroying economies and killing massive number of people within no time. The world remained hitting by catastrophic changes since its evolution, so as viral attack are also part of history, well narrated by authors. There are many stories behind COVID-19, I will not share or discuss any of those.
China being super power, struggled for about three months to get rid of this viral attack. Iran, Italy, Spain, United State most affected and more than 198 countries of the world are still struggling at the moment.
Where Pakistan lies amongst these effected countries? It is a thought provoking question in this sensitive time.
From January 2020, when the inhabitants started to travel from various parts of the world, the risk of COVID-19 became higher in the homeland. By seriously studying facts and figures of other countries, when the various states shuddered within no time, I believe, Pakistan has appropriate control over the pandemic situation from last three months. Well directed institutes, by proper guidance to every citizen is an achievement. Even lacking with some basic medical facilities enthusiastic doctors and paramedical staff is an honor. Our police, army and other institutes are ready to handle any situation any time. Our government within its limited resources, is taking very good care of poor people, especially bread winner by providing ration at their door steps.
While, on social media,we are bluffing about our institutes especially government.
I recently observed a video of a differently able person, who was quite aged and on wheel chair, who can hardly talk, even he knew about this virus. Isn’t it a success of the government institute to aware all citizens of the country? A special person, belonging from far flung area, knows about the pandemic situation. Youngsters, youth, male, female and elderly citizen all are well aware.
We are blaming government by not providing more ventilators in Quarantine centers. While those, already provided, are not even in use. People with Corona are still in good health by the grace of Allah, especially in Gilgit Baltistan. We are talking more about Modi’s government and their initiatives, While IK’s government is taking much better measure to tackle the situation. We are criticizing our politicians for being lethargic in fund raising. We are criticizing Baltistan over arrangements of Indian occupied Laddahk.
We are more criticizing the ration distribution in GB. People are being sarcastic, for nepotism based distribution of ration in GB.
We are also creating religious discord by pointing our COVID patients as Haji COVID or Zawar COVID.
We are even criticizing army for, why they are involved in COVID-19? We are criticizing for worth of F-16 on ventilators.
We are criticizing NGOs, for not coming in front in this serious situation. Not even that, we are even criticizing food of china. What not we are doing critically on social media? All against government and its institutes who are always there to protect us in current situation.
We have lost our trust on our God. I think it is a ray of hope in future. It will bring a valuable changes in the field of medical science in our country. It will end with valuable development medical, educational and research institute in our area. I trust on my Allah it will end up for a good reason indeed. I believe on saying of Rumi “Suffering is a gift. In it is hidden mercy” he also says “Where there is pain, the cue will come”.
It is not the one man show. Accept it!It is pandemic situation around the globe. We need to be realistic and serious. We need to be very honest and responsible towards our institutes and government. Rather being more sarcastic, we have to play our individual role to get rid of this pandemic situation. We have to optimistic and united towards national integrity, prosperity and dignity of our homeland Pakistan.
Don’t assume I don’t understand, please
Include ME, in decisions being planned.
Greet me, acknowledge me, and know my name
Nurture and care is all I need NOT blame
I need a person whom I trust and respect, then I will know that I am blessed.

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