By; Ambreen Yasir
Imagining a road accident whether its a car crash or an unexpected horrific newly built bridge displacement,it always gives people a chill run, though these accidents happen quite often due to several reasons including negligence of safety rules, faulty vehicle, over speeding,using sub standard material for building the particular bridge just to hoard money at the cost of innocent lives, and future.
Its been one year of jutial bridge accident and we still fail to comprehend the reason why a bridge which was just built a few months ago would collapse? Was it due to corrosion,over speeding,flood, or a hurricane? If not then why did it happen? Was that due to the design or the sub standard material used in the construction of the bridge, or the ones who were responsible for constructing the bridge wanted to build a death bridge for the people? We failed our 3 innocent kids,who were about to blossom, the only hopes of parents, the most cosseted and pampered kids.we lost our 3 stars, who were supposed to shine to the ruthless tides of after one year i can still hear the screams of parents in excruciating pain,begging the horrible river to return their beloveds,all they could get that day was just a bag full of wet books. after one year today when everyone of us has forgotten that tragedy, the parents must be going through the same pain again every moment when they see someone playing, hugging their parents, going to school.we have forgotten as if nothing had ever happened, and why not since our children, our young ones are around us.we probably are the only people on earth who despite having a voice never raised it against injustice.i sometimes wonder that we might not know about our rights or do we just don’t care,or do we take it as a pre determined thing? If yes then i protest. It was a pre planned murder not a pre determined thing.the culprits who were supposed to be behind bars are still out there probably planning on another murder and hoarding money. A question that always haunted me is” whether i am a culprit or a victim” despite having a voice, i have never raised it against injustice,i have never protested for my rights, when in elections, i don’t care about the particular person’s motive, i only see my interests rather than the
whole nation’s interests,i prefer my friends,my relative to the deserving one. And then when they end up taking lives, despite having given rights to poor people, they snatch those rights away. we go out to protest but it only lasts for 2 or 3 days, we give up, or the government just tricks us to give up by making a few promises which they never intend to fulfill as they haven’t fulfilled any for the past 10 years.the cycle repeats, but if we want to halt the cycle then we must, especially the younger generation, come out,united with a roaring voice, instead of begging which we have been doing for ages. lets change the course of history and snatch our rights, if we become one voice no one out there is going to stop the echoing of our voice, lets make an example out of the culprits,they have to pay the price of their actions,so that no one will ever repeat that. if not then it is going to cost us our lives again, we only have two choices either let them play with our lives or be united and get our rights.but one thing is for sure if we stay the same a miracle is never going to happen.

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