Identifying Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices in Gilgit-Baltistan

GILGIT:(Mountain Pass) A one-day consultative session on “Identifying climate-smart agricultural practices in HKH regions” was organized at Gilgit on September 9, 2020 jointly by COMSATS University Islamabad and Karakoram International University, Gilgit. The activity was part of a regional project on climate smart agriculture funded by Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN-GCR). The project leader Dr. Muhammad Abid briefed the participants about the project objectives and activities in three valleys of Gilgit including Bagorte, Naltar, and Juglot. Dr. Farhad Zulfiqar and Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad briefed the objectives and dynamics of the consultative meeting. Various stakeholders from KIU, Agriculture Department, Gilgit, Mountain Agriculture Research Center, Juglot, Environmental Protection Agency, University of Baltistan, Livestock Department, and farmers representatives from the three study areas participated in the session and discussed existing issues and challenges being faced by local agricultural systems and identified potential options to make agriculture resilient to climate change and other extreme events. At the end, D.D. Livestock Dr. Ali Murad Khan as guest of honor appreciated the project team in gathering important stakeholders to identify solutions for sustainable agriculture and to improve the wellbeing of farming communities in Gilgit Baltistan. Dr. Qamar Abbas, KIU, concluded the session with vote of thanks.

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