KIU and Uo Okara signed MoU for Academic & Research Collaboration

KIU and Uo Okara signed MoU for Academic & Research Collaboration
In a move towards national and international collaboration, KIU and University of Okara(UO) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The agreement was signed on the sidelines of Vice Chancellors’ Forum 2023 by the UO Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Sajid Rashid Ahmad, and the VC of KIU, Prof Dr Atta Ullah Shah.
The MoU aims to foster academic and research collaboration between the two universities in various fields, including but not limited to, exchange of faculty members, exchange of students, joint research programs, joint conferences and seminars, and exchange of academic materials and publications.
Speaking on the occasion, Prof Sajid said, “We are delighted to partner with Korakoram International University, one of the most prestigious universities in Pakistan. This collaboration will open up new opportunities for our students and faculty members to explore new horizons in their academic pursuits. We hope that this MoU will lead to the creation of new knowledge and new ideas that will benefit our societies.”
In his statement, Prof Atta Ullah said, “We are pleased to sign this MoU with the University of Okara, which is known for its academic excellence and commitment to research. We believe that this collaboration will strengthen the ties between our universities and enhance the quality of education and research in our respective regions. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with the University of Okara.”
According to the UO spokesperson, the signing of this MoU is a step towards achieving the goals of internationalization and research excellence of the two universities, and it is expected to lead to the creation of new opportunities for academic and research collaboration between the two institutions.

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