Social media and our responsibilities as Muslim.

By:M Tariq Azam Taimouri
Social media and our responsibilities as Muslim.
Electronic media is one of the most effective weapons of 21th century..In the past when the opposing forces made foolish attempts to cut the wings of islam with arrows and swords, the daredevils of Islam fought against them with arrows and swords and succeeded to thwart their nasty ambitions. By placing new grime of objections on transparent forehead and by sowing the seeds of doubt about the eternal decorum of Islam when they aimed to shake its foundation, the centaurs of knowledge and pen obliterate their mission. Whether it is a sword or a pen, both are powerful weapons that have played a fundamental role in the promotion of religion, the dissemination of knowledge and the exaltation of “kalima e Haq”. Men of both fields have done their part.It reached to us in its original form as a result of unlimited sacrifices of those ancestors.We became the heirs of sciences and arts.Therefore, by using the weapon that was needed on the front, They not only fully defended Islam but also enlightened the world with its universal message..Now we should’not confused to admit the fact that the world is now becoming more filmic than academic.People now believe in watching more than reading. It is clear that whatever we see is imprinted in the mind and heart in such a way that its positive and negative effects begin to set up on our personal and social life as well.In this age of modern technology arrows and swords have been replaced by weapons like guns and tanks.In the same way computers and mobile phones are preferred over paper and pens today.. There is a best and fastest mean of communication in the form of social media..So without any hesitation it should be welcomed like other innovations in Islamic society.In fact, it is also a weapon just like other weapons, by which we can not only achieve better results but it may lead also to a bright future repeating the past .There can be different forms of using electronic media to fulfill its purpose, in which the three most important forms are being described:
1.Establishment of media house
The current situation of our Islamic world is that:
ہم آہ کرتے ہیں تو بھی ہوجاتے ہیں بدنام
وہ قتل بھی کرتے ہیں تو چرچا نہیں ہوتا

Homes of the Muslims are demolished everywhere even in muslim countries like Iraq, syria and Palestine.. The behavior of oppression and abuse is adopted, threats are made to rend the chastity sheet of muslim women and the sanctity of the observandum of Islam is being violated .But if there is even a small incident as a reaction of Muslims, then international media would be busy to misinterpret it, covering up all their viridescence and to portray Muslims as villains.Great scholars are enfettered in their own country. It is obvious that when we have decided firmly to rely on others and have taken the contract to play the tune of western civilization, then perhaps we deserve the same treatment.There is no ambiguity that media is one of the most important pillar of any democratic country. We can change people’s thinking angle with the help of social media.Thus, the print media and journalism have also played a fundamental role in the Indian independence movement, and for this purpose, how many newspapers were taken out from different cities in different periods; Like Maulvi Muhammad Baqir Shaheed’s “Delhi Urdu Newspaper”, Maulana Zafar Ali Khan’s “Zamindar”, Maulana Hasrat Mohani’s “Urdoy Maali”, Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar’s “Hamdard” and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s “Al Hilal” and “Al Balag”. There are important links in this chain which worked to blow the trumpet of independence movement with new hope. Electronic media can do much better in disclosing the truth and making the world aware of the propaganda against Muslims by west.It is necessary to establish a media house by every muslim county owned by state under ministry of Islamic affairs to acquire the targets mentioned above..

(2) Organization of film production based on Islamic history
There are some things whose element of ugliness dominates our thinking and vision in such a way that instead of considering only its contents bad, we misconceive the object itself. Because of which our mind refuses to think about its other aspects even if the nature of its contents changes . Inspite of this, people have become accustomed to such an extent that even our respectable class seems to be involved in it.It is admirable that people at least keep in their chest, the feeling of sin and not provide the basis of justification for their misdeeds through unnecessary interpretations. But it is not wise to abnegate from the fact that when the status of a thing changes, its order also changes, However, through the dramas and movies nudity and obscenity are being promoted and many transparent minds are being confused. If we use films as a weapon to fulfill our religious goals, then rightly it will change the whole society..We are left with no choice but to feel sorry and to shed tears over the dying so-called democracy while from the other side the history of Muslim rulers and the sacrifices of the freedom fighters are excluded from the curriculum so that the young minds remain ignorant of their own history . Doesn’t the importance of creating dramas like ” Ertuğrul” become more clear to present their true image in such a worrying situation? In which there will be the history of Muslim rulers avoiding objectionable things and non-Sharia affairs, pertaining the sacrifices of the Mujahideen of freedom along with the reflection of Islamic teachings.So that our new generation living away from books , living in the world of movies can also be aware of their true history and the people who want to seek the truth can also know the achievements of Muslims and be aware of Islamic teachings .
(3) Commitment to debates with atheists and orientalists
In today’s scientific world, everything is weighed and judged on the scale of intellect, which is not wrong but when science gets out of its scope and starts intruding into religious matters, then many doubts are born from its womb.On the other hand, YouTube channels and social media regularly create such objections in people’s minds to harm their faith, however, when these people do not get answers to the objections that arise in their minds, then they go to the abyss of atheism and apostasy. Attempts are being made to turn people away from the path of truth by publicizing doubts. Through this platform, we should answer their objections in the form of videos and try to satisfy them by debates so that they may clear objections and they will be in position to understand the reality of doubts.It will help them to be safe from losing the wealth of faith.Therefore, just as our forefathers performed the duty of spreading Islam by using sword and pen according to the occasion, it is necessary for us to use social media as a weapon along with sword and pen in today’s era to carry out the same duty because this opportunity calls for this.
گونگوں کو تکلم کے مواقع ہیں میسر!
ہم ماہرِ گفتار بڑی دیر سے چپ ہیں!

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