Did you know healthy snacks make us fat?

Items we consider healthy such as cereal bars, bran-flakes and low fat biscuits are full of sugar which, while they may provide temporary energy boost, will end up making us fat.

When preparing snacks, choose low-energy releasing foods and avoid sipping on smoothies or fruit juices, nutritionist Sarah Schenker was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail.

“So many people are misled by snacks which we’re told are healthy. In reality people need to think about the nutritional content and how that can help you maintain your energy levels,” Schenker said.

Could your healthy diet make me fat?

She suggested various snacking swaps that can ensure that one is consuming all the right foods.

According to the Schenker, one must swap low-fat biscuits for oatcakes with hummus as oatcakes have much lower sugar content than many low-fat biscuits on the market and are a great source of fibre.

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