Traditional Day of NASALOO CULTURE in Bagrote Valley

GILGIT:  (Staff Reporter) According to culture of Gilgit Baltistan, NASALOO CULTURE is regarded as one of the ancient culture of Gilgit Baltistan. This tradition is alive In Bagrote Valley with all formalities.  In Bagrote Valley NASALOO CULTURE is celebrated in month of December. As part of the tradition of NASALOO, households slaughter an animal (yak, goat, sheep or an oxen) or buy meat from market based on availability and financial status and hang the meat in an airy cold storage to dry for gaining more calories to avoid harsh cold weather in winter. They freeze meat and store in a suitable place for later use.
The dried meat is then cooked during the months of January and February, generally the coldest months in the region. Peoples enjoy many delicious dishes with rice or many other vegetables. Indeed, ‪WARKOO DISH is very special dish of this culture.
It’s traditional way to start NASALO DAY with ‪‎MUWALL. On this beautiful occasion of NASALO DAY people gathered at one place early in the morning and bring with them a special dish from each home. This special dish contains ‎bread, ‪fresh fruits, cooked meat, butter (desi ghee), dry fruits, dried walnuts, ‪ ‎dried apricot to serve together. At the end they all pray for the peace and prosperity of the region and people.

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